About Us

Telehealth, Men's Health, IV Therapy Center, Adult Care and Primary Care, CBD and Testosterone Replacement Therapies & Cannabis Clinic located in Tulsa, OK

About Us

At The Higher Care Clinic (Thc2), primary care and telehealth specialist Jason W. Sims, DO, provides complete medical care to patients living in and around Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

The practice’s base is conveniently located in the heart of Tulsa, Oklahoma. There’s plenty of parking, and the clinic accepts in-person and telehealth appointments Monday through Friday.

At The Higher Care Clinic (Thc2), the Thc2 team takes a holistic and patient-centered approach to health care. The doctors use natural and integrative treatments to improve the quality of life, instead of relying on prescription medications that simply mask uncomfortable symptoms.

Patients of all ages regularly visit The Higher Care Clinic (Thc2) to access primary care, IV therapy, and medical cannabis certifications. The clinic also offers family healthcare memberships, CBD therapy with plant-based products, and testosterone replacement therapy.

At The Higher Care Clinic (Thc2), the thc2 team loves and enjoy getting to know their patients. They work one-on-one with each individual to improve their health, energy levels, and quality of life.

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