Healthcare Memberships

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Healthcare Memberships

Healthcare Memberships services offered in Tulsa, OK

Applying for a healthcare membership is an easy way to protect your general well-being and peace of mind. At The Higher Care Clinic (Thc2) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, family medicine and men’s health specialist Jason W. Sims, DO, provides healthcare memberships to individuals, families, and employers. The membership program is affordable and provides increased access to a primary care physician as well as discounted products and services. Call The Higher Care Clinic (Thc2) to request a healthcare membership consultation today or book online.

Healthcare Memberships Q & A

What are healthcare memberships?

A healthcare membership is a type of concierge medicine. After enrolling in the program, you pay a flat monthly fee to receive increased access to your primary care physician. 

Healthcare memberships offer various benefits, but the most obvious is peace of mind. With a healthcare membership at The Higher Care Clinic, you have access to qualified medical providers and a knowledgeable, friendly staff, whenever you need them.

What types of services do healthcare memberships provide?

Healthcare memberships at The Higher Care Clinic (Thc2) offer various services, including:

Routine health maintenance

It’s important to undergo regular physical exams and preventive screenings, even if you feel healthy. Routine checkups with your doctor can alert you to underlying medical issues when they’re easiest to treat.

Urgent care

If you have a sore throat or twist your ankle and require prompt medical attention, a healthcare membership aims for same-day care. The Higher Care Clinic (Thc2) offers in-person and telehealth consultations to diagnose various issues, including sinus infections, ear aches, and cuts that require stitches. 

Chronic care management

If you have a chronic condition like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or diabetes, it’s crucial you visit the doctor regularly. Healthy lifestyle changes and routine exams can keep the condition in check and prevent it from worsening. 

Prescription refills

If you take medication for an underlying medical issue, like depression or anxiety, it’s important to take it as prescribed. With a healthcare membership, you can contact The Higher Care Clinic (Thc2) as soon as you run out, even if you’re traveling for work or on vacation.

Pre-participation physicals

Some jobs and athletic events require pre-participation physical exams. If you need to undergo an evaluation for an upcoming work assignment or athletic competition, The Higher Care Clinic (Thc2) can help.

By paying a small monthly fee, you can access all of these services and more through the healthcare membership program.

How much do healthcare memberships cost?

The Higher Care Clinic (Thc2) offers different tiers of healthcare memberships. For individuals, the cost is $50 a person with 2 visits per month; for families, it’s $100 per month. Each additional visit under the membership program also includes a $25 co-pay. If you have questions about the program, contact the administrative staff today.

Call The Higher Care Clinic (Thc2) to learn more about healthcare memberships today, or click the online booking feature.